David Soul

David Soul

David Soul agreed to perform a version of his hit song Silver Lady on the soundtrack of new movie Filth after a wild drinking session with director Jon S.Baird.

The Starsky and Hutch actor topped the charts in the UK in 77' with Silver Lady, and Scottish author Irvine Welsh is a big fan of the song, as well as the singers other hit, Don't Give Up On Us.

The Author and Director decided that they wanted Soul to appear in the movie to perform a song, and the filmmaker managed to do just that on a boozy night out.

Welsh tells NME magazine, "I met David a while back. Silver Lady and Don't Give Up On Us are two of my karaoke classics. I put Jon in touch with David and they got on like a house on fire. They went off on the p**s (a drinking session) together. David was keen to get involved and he did it with such panache".

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