Actress Tara Reid stunned Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe in the middle of a radio interview in Los Angeles on Friday morning (08Aug14) when she showed up to thank him for supporting her Sharknado films.

Daniel Radcliffe- I'm a fan of your movie, Sharknado 1 and 2

The Brit was telling DJ Ryan Seacrest he'd love to land a cameo in a third Sharknado film, even suggesting an inventive death scene, when Reid appeared behind him.

The starstruck actor gasped and told Reid, "I'm a fan of your movie, Sharknado 1 and 2. Now that Harry Potter is gone, there is a void for the next big franchise, so I think you should do at least eight of them".

As for his possible death scene in a third Sharknado film, Radcliffe said, "I've been going through scenarios, like you (Seacrest) and me could be doing an interview and then... you say, like, 'Would you ever consider doing another franchise?', and I'll be like, 'No, I'd never be seen dead in one' - (and then) shark (attack)... I have ideas".

In the first Sharknado film, Reid and Ian Ziering fight off flying killer fish sucked up from the sea by a storm over Los Angeles.

The sequel, which debuted on TV in America last week (30Jul14), was set in New York City and Reid already has location ideas for a third film, recently telling U.S. news show Access Hollywood she'd love to shoot in Brazil.

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