Bradley Walsh admitted he felt "humbled and a bit emotional" as he spoke about turning 60 with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning.

Bradley Walsh ‘a bit emotional’ as he prepares to celebrate 60th birthday

Bradley Walsh ‘a bit emotional’ as he prepares to celebrate 60th birthday

The TV star will celebrate the milestone on Thursday, while ITV will air a one-off documentary on Wednesday night charting his life and career.

Speaking from his home in Essex, he said: "It was only yesterday that it seemed I had my 50th birthday and then all of a sudden this thing is happening on telly.

"I feel really quite humbled and a bit emotional actually. I didn't realise that was going to happen. It's lovely."

Walsh shared a piece of advice he was given during the early days of his career.

He said: "A massive piece of advice I was given earlier on in my career was 'Whatever you do, the easiest part of showbusiness is giving up – don't'.

"And seriously, when I got a knock back, I kept going and kept going."

Willoughby and Schofield decked out the studio with balloons and bunting, and gifted Walsh a hamper of his favourite sweet, Wine Gums.

Willoughby told him: "I know that you are a massive fan of a certain sweet. You have a very sweet tooth and Bradley, look at this, these are your favourite, aren't they? Wine gums."

Walsh replied: "I'll tell you what, next time you see me in real life, I have actually put a stone on."

He added: "I'm the heaviest I have ever been. I need to lose some weight a bit lively. I really do."

Willoughby quipped: "Well these will help."

The broadcast was also briefly interrupted by a burst of noise, which Walsh blamed on the Coldstream Guards, part of the British Army, who he joked were practising outside his window.

Bradley Walsh: Happy 60th Birthday airs on Wednesday at 9pm on ITV