Ashley Walters

Ashley Walters

consistent with personal use

British rapper-turned-actor Ashley Walters was fined $2,507 (?1,475) after admitting possessing marijuana on Thursday (10Jul14).

The former So Solid Crew star, 32, was charged with possessing the drug in June (14) after trying to board a commercial flight with the substance at Anglesey airport in Wales.

Prosecutor Diane Williams told Holyhead Magistrates' Court on Thursday (10Jul14) that a quantity of herbal cannabis was found in a small glass jar in hand luggage and a wrap of the drug was discovered in Walters' wallet.

The amount was deemed "consistent with personal use".

Walters was fined $2,125 (?1,250) for the charge and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of $213 (?125) and costs of $170 (?100).