HURT REVEALS KIDNAP ORDEAL FOR THE FIRST TIME: Movie star WILLIAM HURT has revealed for the first time he was held captive and almost executed at gunpoint while filming KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN in Brazil in the early 1980s. Hurt, who won a Best Actor Oscar for his role as LUIS MOLINA in the 1985 movie, has never spoken about his night of terror for fear of reprisals. But, in an exclusive WENN interview, he recalls how his life flashed before him as he stared down the barrel of a gun, waved in his face by a crazed Brazilian gang leader. Hurt reveals, "I was held hostage and almost executed by a man who was robbing us in the middle of the night. "I was with a friend and we were taking a day and a half off from shooting Spider Woman. We drove south to a town and as we pulled into the driveway (outskirts) of this small town... a car glided in behind us with its engine cut with four people sitting inside. "A guy got out and he asked my friend something in Portuguese that made her turn white. Then another guy got out of the car with a face mask on and a woman got out with a fake baby in her arms. It got really crazy. The head guy got really paranoid and started screaming, 'There's a gun in my pocket,' and he was going to blow my testicles off." The gang then tied Hurt and his pal up and marched them into a nearby house they planned to loot. He adds, "They put us in this house and things got pretty rough and I found myself staring at a .38 gun in my face for about 45 minutes while this guy's buddy was taking everything out of the house and putting it into our car - a hi-fi, TV, everything, all our luggage, all our money, everything.

"At one point they took us to the back of the house and I thought they would rape my friend and then kill us both. It was terrifying.

"The guy in the mask comes up to me and says something in Portuguese and my friend gets scared by what he says and wets herself.

"She says, 'He wants us to face the wall.' I knew he was going to kill us and I said, 'I can't face the wall.' I said, 'If you're going to shoot me, shoot me in the face.' He started to scream. Then he took the gun and put it to my head and drove it in.

"I just looked at him because I want to be looking in someone's eyes when I die. Then he backed off real slow and, as he backed out the door, he said in Portuguese, 'Don't call the cops until I'm gone a half-hour or I will find you and kill you.'

"They left and my friend was shaking, so I threw us both in the pool because it was the only way to calm us down - just to float. Then I called the police and they had a gun-fight with these guys the next morning."