Stephanie Seymour

Stephanie Seymour

Former supermodel Stephanie Seymour and her estranged husband have vowed to keep their ongoing divorce battle quiet - after their messy separation hit headlines again recently.

hostile, threatening and intimidating behaviour, while Brant filed a motion demanding Seymour undergo drug and alcohol testing

Seymour filed for divorce from Peter Brant in March (09) after nearly 14 years of marriage and they now live in separate quarters at their Connecticut country estate The estranged couple has been dogged by controversy ever since they split, with Seymour recently being served with a public-disturbance summons after lashing out against a security guard in an altercation on Bryant's estate.

The news came shortly after she accused her former partner of monitoring her movements by placing a Gps (Global Positioning System) tracker on her car.

Last month (May09) Seymour filed legal documents accusing Brant of "hostile, threatening and intimidating behaviour," while Brant filed a motion demanding Seymour undergo drug and alcohol testing.

But both parties have now agreed to keep their feud out of the media spotlight, following a string of unpleasant headlines about their split.

Tisha Kresler, a representative for Brant, tells New York Post gossip column PageSix, "(Brant and Seymour) wish to resolve the dissolution of their marriage in private. For the continuing best interests of their children, both parties and their respective counsel have agreed that they willnot comment to the media about these private issues".

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