Mr T Lands Skin Cancer Honour.... The A-Team star Mr T has been honoured for battling skin cancer in San Francisco, California dermatologist Dr Vail Reese's quirky annual Skinnies Awards.Every January, Dr Reese hands out accolades to celebrities who look after their skin and names and shames those who are too tanned, pock-faced or botoxed.And to kick off 2007, the good doctor has named Mr T as the recipient of his Inspirational Skin Cancer Survivor honour.Reese names Britney Spears the recipient of the Too Much Sun Award for the pop star's dangerous love of tanning, while namesake Brittany Murphy lands the Surprisingly Lush Lips honour for her bee-stung lip look in new film The Dead Girl.Pop star Seal gets Dr Reese's Proudest Pocked Pitchman nod, while the actors of Apocalypto land the Most Tattooed and Pierced Society for playing ancient Mayans in the Mel Gibson epic.