LEIGH DIRECTS PRIME MINISTER'S WIFEFilm-maker MIKE LEIGH has directed British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR's wife CHERIE in a new advert to raise money for breast cancer research.The VERA DRAKE creator filmed the commercials with the premier's spouse and a number of other celebrities, including actress and ex-wife ALISON STEADMAN and model JERRY HALL.Cherie is a patron of the charity BREAST CANCER CARE, for which the commercials have been created, and has donated her services to the new campaign for free.Leigh, who was nominated for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay at this year's (05) ACADEMY AWARDS, has directed a number of commercials in the past but insists this advert was his favourite.He says, "It was great fun and has a very special place in my heart. Cherie was wonderful, and is was great seeing Alison and Jerry again."

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