Michael Landon

Michael Landon

A plaque commemorating late actor Michael Landon has been reinstalled in a New Jersey park, five months after officials temporarily removed the honour.

The Little House on the Prairie star lost his battle with cancer in 1991, aged 54, and his widow Cindy decided to keep his legacy alive by having his name etched onto a metal plaque and displayed in a children's park dedicated to the icon in his hometown of Collingswood.

The memorial, displayed on a knee-high cement slab, was taken off during a community clean-up in November (11), but town mayor Jim Maley insisted it was in safe keeping and would be put back at a later date.

At the time, Landon's widow fumed, "It was sad to hear what had happened... I paid for the park to be built and the plaque was funded by the private donations of people who loved Michael and wanted to memorialise him.

"It meant a lot to my family and his fans, and it would have meant a lot to Michael, too. The park should be restored and the plaque returned to its original place".

However, the memorial plate was reportedly found in a dump by a local resident in January (12) - although no reason was given for its apparent disposal - and it has since been put back on display "close to its previous location", according to the New York Times.