Melissa Gilbert

Melissa Gilbert

Our family is just working through it

Actress Melissa Gilbert is kicking off the New Year with a morale-boosting trip to France, where she hopes to find peace after her split from husband Bruce Boxleitner.

Gilbert ended her 16-year marriage to the Tron Legacy star back in March (11) and since then she has been struggling to adapt to single life, especially around the holidays.

So, in a bid to reconnect with her inner self, the former Little House on the Prairie star will be jetting to Paris later this month (Dec11) forsome much-needed alone time to heal from the failed relationship.

Speaking about her torn-apart family during an appearance on U.S. breakfast show Today on Thursday (08Dec11), she said, "It's complicated... There are days where it's really fine and everything's good and there are days where it's rough. Our family is just working through it. Holidays, thefirst holiday since the split is weird. It will be the first Christmas. "But for New Year's I am doing something I've never done in my whole life, I'm going by myself, to Paris, for a week and I've rented an apartment and I don't have an agenda.

I'm going to go to museums and eat a lot ofBrie cheese and just try to enjoy being on my own".

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