Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood has called on residents in her native North Carolina to vote against a proposed same-sex marriage ban during a state-wide poll on Tuesday (08May12).

Voting in North Carolina began early Tuesday morning and The Ides of March star is now rallying support for the gay community by urging Twitter.com fans to shut down Amendment One, which would declare marriage betweena man and a woman the only valid domestic legal union.

Wood, who grew up in Raleigh, writes, "if the amendment passes it will prevent the state from giving committed couples rights to allow them to order their relationships, including threatening their ability to determine the disposition of their deceased partner's remains; to make medical decisions if their partner is incapacitated; and to allow second-parent adoptions in order to ensure that both partners have a legal tie to, and financial responsibilities for, the children they are raising...

 "The amendment is much more than Gay marriage.It can also effect the rights of opposite sex couples.

"Do the right thing NC! make me proud Please get retweeting. Get people informed. So many families and children will be affected.

"Bottom line. The law shouldn't be hand in hand with a certain religion. You have the right to believe what you want... But you cannot, repeat CANNOT take away another's freedom because of what YOU believe. If every sin was a law, then jails would be overcrowded with adulterers".

Wood wasn't the only celebrity speaking out to protest the controversial legislation - former Dawson's Creek star Busy Phillips tweets, "I livedin NC for two years, during DC (Dawson's Creek). I KNOW the people therewill do the right thing! voteagainst".

And actress and activist Mia Farrow writes, "Gay marriage is a questionof human rights . Discrimination is always- under all circumstances - wrong".

The voting on the proposed constitutional amendment on Tuesday coincides with the state's Republican presidential primary election.