Michael Clarke Duncan in Sin City

Michael Clarke Duncan in Sin City

Tom Hanks, Emily Deschanel, and David Boreanaz were among the stars who turned out to honor tragic actor Michael Clarke Duncan during a private funeral service in Los Angeles on Monday.

The Oscar nominee passed away on 3 September at the age of 54, from complications of a heart attack he suffered at his California home in July.

Mourners gathered for a public memorial service at the Hall of Liberty in Hollywood Hills' Forest Lawn Park cemetery on Sunday, and the following day droves of family members and celebrities arrived to pay their last respects during a special ceremony.

The actor's former The Green Mile co-star Hanks and their director Frank Darabont each spoke at the reception, which attracted the likes of Deschanel and Boreanaz, both of whom shared the small screen with Clarke Duncan in U.S. TV series Bones.

Co-stars from his upcoming movie In The Hive, Robert Townsend, Loretta Devine, and Vivica A. Fox, also attended the service, as did the actor's fiancee Omarosa Manigault and actress Holly Robinson Peete, whose manager mom once represented Clarke Duncan.