Busy Phillips

Busy Phillips

Actress Busy Phillips' first romantic vacation away since becoming a mother turned into a nightmare when the secluded resort she was holidaying atwith her husband was "terrorised" by a wild jaguar.

' It jumped over their bed and he broke a bottle and chased after the jaguar

The Cougar Town star welcomed baby girl Birdie with her screenwriter husband Marc Silverstein in 2008, but the couple has been so busy juggling parenthood with their respective careers, they had not found the time to go away by themselves.

So they arranged what they had hoped would be a relaxing break with friends last month (Nov10) - only to be scared out of their minds when the big cat was found prowling around the property.

She says, "It's on a secluded island, in the jungle. You're like reallycut off and your phone gets spotty reception. We were hiking up into theresort and I was like, I have a bad feeling about this, I just think something is gonna happen. And the resort was terrorised by a jaguar the weekend that we were there".

But the jaguar didn't frighten every guest at the resort.

Phillips continues, "It's all open rooms and the jaguar had come down from the mountains and it was in my friend's room... So my friend switchedrooms and this Australian couple stays there and the guy was super burly, covered in tattoos. "The next morning he says, 'I chased a jaguar out of my room last night.' It jumped over their bed and he broke a bottle and chased after the jaguar".