Anthony Daniels

Anthony Daniels

Star Wars actor, Anthony Daniels, admitted he never used to be a fan of the films until now.

Although he appeared in all six Star Wars movies, his new appreciation for the franchise came from his narrating the touring Star Wars Concert.

Daniels said he got a new perspective of the film when he stood on the world's stages and watched costumed fans marvel in the music from the movies.

The sci-fi blockbuster actor said: "The fans have a passion for it, but I have to say that, for me, I never really understood the spell it cast on people.

"I didn't get it - it was a mystery to me - but now I do. And it's because of this show."

The 65-year-old owns the opening line to the first Star Wars film and the closing line in the last Star Wars film but failed to see the prestige.

He admitted when he first signed up to be the voice of C-3P0, he didnt think it would be a hit and regretted it.

Daniels, who is now a cult star because of the show, said: "There's nothing quite like it; it simply never goes away. It comes back again and again and again in new ways."

He now says: "I'm very glad he [C-3PO] arrived and ended up in my pocket."

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