Amanda Peet

Amanda Peet

She (baby Molly June) was very considerate!

Amanda Peet's screenwriter husband David Benioff faced a race against time to fly home to New York in time for the birth of their second child, after finding himself stranded in London due to the Icelandic volcano eruption.

Benioff was working abroad last month (Apr10) when thick ash clouds resulting from the volcano blast grounded more than 65,000 flights for five days across Europe.

The flight cancellations meant Benioff was forced to remain on the continent for a few extra days - but time was ticking when he learned the 2012 actress was about to go into labour.

Peet says, "It was a race for David because he was in Europe because ofthe ash cloud. "I got in a taxi three days before and saw the scroll (on the in-car TV) saying volcanic ash cloud, all U.K. airports closed, and started to panic as I was already dilated and there were signs that I was gonna go intolabour". But Benioff refused to miss out on the birth of baby Molly June and took a detour from London to Malta, to Germany to Italy - before landing just in time to witness the delivery. Peet adds, "So he made it out of London then got to Malta, then Frankfurt, then Frankfurt airport closed and he was gonna take a helicopter to Rome, then he got out of Rome.

"He came back Saturday night and my water broke on Sunday. She (baby Molly June) was very considerate!" The couple, which also shares three-year-old daughter Frances, welcomedthe new tot on 20 April (10).

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