A unique photograph of Alec Guinness taking a cigarette break during the filming of Oliver Twist has been unearthed. The historic image - along with other unpublished photographs of Gregory Peck and Laurence Olivier - were found in a vault at England's Pinewood Studios.A photograph of Dirk Bogarde sharing a joke with Brigitte Bardot is also among the unseen images.Morris Bright, who made the discovery, will now be published for the first time in his book 'Pinewood Studios: 70 Years of Fabulous Filmmaking'. Bright says, "The old filing cabinets didn't look like they'd been opened for 30 or 40 years. "People had just walked past them for years. They were just two battered cabinets. I though I'd seen it all, having written books over ten years. "But to stumble across such pictures for the first time is incredible."