Albert Brooks

Albert Brooks

Albert Brooks is convinced having children with his artist wife Kimberly Shlain has made their relationship stronger.

The Broadcast News star has been wed to Shlain for 15 years and Brooks believes the secret to their lasting union is undying trust.

He tells Vanity Fair magazine, "I think we give each other a huge amount of freedom to be who we are. There's so much trust that nobody thinks twice about it.

"And if I need to be in my cave, and I'm trying to write something, it's understood. There's no clock punching... I was very fortunate when I met Kimberly - things gelled".

And the funnyman insists he and his wife have grown even closer since becoming parents to son Jacob, 14, and daughter Claire, 10.

He explains, "Thank God at this point our kids are kids we really like to hang out with, so that enforces our bond. My wife is insistent on having dinner together as much as possible, and I'm very glad of that, because in this world, with all the devices, that can just go away...

"TV isn't an issue. It's more the screens. It's the games, and there's rules about that, and there's nothing before homework...

"My wife is very good about rules... I don't know what I would have done (without her)".