If you dream about your own father- this represents making right and wrong choices in life. In essence, the dream is about your conscience.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

You may be thinking about a choice you have already made or a decision you are contemplating.

Perhaps you have some issues with your own father and the dream is a reflection of the problems that are ongoing in your relationship. How can you deal with these? Do you want to or would you rather walk away?

The dream might be telling you to stand up for yourself- the way your father would or should if you needed him to.

Has something got out of control in your waking hours? The dream could be a reminder to you that you need to do something about whatever it is that is spiralling out of control. Maybe you need to begin to tackle the things you feel you have no control over. This might require you to be more realistic or practical.

On the flipside, the dream might be related to decisions you don’t want to make in your life right now. Perhaps you have a decision to make that doesn’t feel right but it needs to be made regardless.

You may see this choice as a necessity but ultimately- it will not benefit you in any way and may even cause you greater problems down the line.

Do you let someone else make decisions on your behalf? A father figure, boss or your real father? Be aware that they may not be in your best interests and perhaps you are just starting to realise this.

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Are you worried that a recent decision you’ve made isn’t the right one?

If your dad was angry in your dreamscape, you may be dealing with some disappointment or frustration in your life right now. You may be punishing yourself for making a silly decision of late.

If you were arguing with your father- you might be dealing with an inner struggle that you feel you can’t share with anyone.

To marry your father generally means that you see a permanence in a decision. The dream might be urging you to think more carefully about something before you dedicate yourself to it as you won’t be able get out of it once you agree to go ahead. Or at least, it will be very difficult to detach yourself from it afterwards.

To dream that your father passes away implies that you no longer care about the decisions you make or have a preoccupation to do the right thing.

If your father has already died, seeing him in a dream is again related to your conscience- listen to it for it’s there for a reason.

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If you are no longer in the field you once were, you may feel underqualified to be passing on your guidance, in which case do you need to admit that you are out of practice and that someone else would be better placed than you to advise others? If this sounds familiar, you may be taking this hard. The dream could be encouraging you to find a new passion to become an expert in. If you’ve recently left something behind, maybe there is room in your life to learn a new craft. Similarly, if the person in your dream was a vetaran and has recently closed a big chapter in their life, perhaps you need to make sure you support them during this time of transition. On the other hand if you saw someone you knew as a veteran in your dream, it’s possible they are your key source of information...

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