To dream about underwear refers to the things that are most personal to you- your beliefs, desires and thoughts.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

These may be negative or positive- but they are all those you keep locked away. You might keep these things to yourself because you are embarrassed or ashamed of what other people might think. Do you have issues that you feel are simply too personal to share with anyone?

On the other hand, it can also represent feelings of attraction towards someone in your waking life. Is there someone who you think about in this way? Perhaps it’s time you told them.

If the underwear belonged to the opposite sex, you may be ready to explore your desires with someone special.

More negatively, underwear can present something that you feel guilty about. Are worried you will get caught for doing something you are not proud of?

What colour was the underwear? This can provide additional meaning to your dream.

If you were wearing nothing but underwear in your dream- you may be feeling exposed right now. Are you self-conscious about something at present? If so- the underwear might represent this discomfort.

If you felt fine walking around in your underwear, perhaps you have little concern for what others think of you. If you took your underwear off, you have nothing to hide so the dream could be telling you to be more transparent because you have nothing to feel bad about.

To see someone else in their underwear suggests that you are finally seeing them for who they really are. Perhaps your view of someone has recently changed after some revelation. The dream could act as a warning to you to be careful who you trust. Perhaps you need to get to know someone better before you let your guard down with them.

If the underwear was soiled or shredded, it’s possible you feel uncomfortable about yourself and believe that you are less worthy than those around you. If this is the case, what can you do to make yourself feel equal again?

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