To dream about stuff suggests that you are struggling to define an area of your life, so you are treating it broadly rather than targeting specific parts.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

The dream could be telling you to focus on one element and deal with that before moving onto the next. The way you are approaching it at present may be making you feel overwhelmed.  

If you saw a lot of stuff in your dreamscape, this may be a reflection of the sheer amount of possessions you own- is it time to pare down these things so you don’t feel buried by your belongings every time you enter your home?

The stuff could represent a burden you feel that you are struggling to remove. Do you need some professional help or some assistance from a trusted friend?

The dream might refer to the attachment you have to things and perhaps it’s prudent you invested more time with people rather than items if you want to feel lasting happiness and satisfaction. 

Stuff is a word used when you don’t know exactly what something is, so maybe the dream is a reflection of your inability to find meaning in something in your life. You are struggling to give it a name or a label and this is troubling for you. Perhaps you thrive on definition and clarity. 

It’s possible your role at work is unclear and you are confused about your responsibilities there or you’re not sure where you stand in your romantic relationship. Maybe a friend or family member is blowing hot and cold with you and you don't know why. If it is related to a person, it may be wise to talk to them to get some clarification on the change of behaviour. 

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The over-generalization of some part of your life could be due to laziness- are you struggling to find the motivation to categorize or organise something? If so, perhaps precision is the best starting point to give you the boost you need to get started. 

To see a lot of someone else’s stuff could be linked to the baggage that a person is bringing into your life that you didn’t ask for. Perhaps they are overbearing you with their problems and you are neglecting your own as a consequence. It may be wise to distance yourself from this person to give you the room to breathe. Consider who else was with you in the dream for additional meaning.

The dream could be a pun for being stuffed- usually a term used for having eaten too much- perhaps the dream is telling you that you have had more than enough of something and it’s time to move on and leave it behind. You cannot take anymore and you may be regretting your overindulgences.

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If you are troubled by your feelings and emotions in your waking hours, perhaps you need to seek out a professional to help you overcome these. Or at the very least someone in your friendship or family circle you trust implicitly. Do you believe there to be something wrong with the way you think about things?  Do you feel you are ready for some self-reflection? If you are currently seeing a therapist, perhaps your dreams are simply working through what you have discussed with the professional assigned to your case. How do you feel about therapy in your waking life? If you believe it to be a waste of time, perhaps this is mirroring something from your waking hours that you feel is not worth your energy... to read more click HERE 

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