If you were dining alone in a restaurant in your dreamscape, perhaps what you yearn for is some company. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

You may be feeling lonely right now and the dream is urging you to do something about it before you get comfortable with going solo all the time. 

If you dined and dashed, perhaps you have recently run away from a responsibility and need to admit your wrongdoing and put it right.

Similarly, you may have done something that is not socially acceptable or worse- legal lately, yet you feel a sense of satisfaction at being a rebel. 

Perhaps the dream is a result of some guilt you actually feel about it despite you telling yourself otherwise. 

If you were dining with someone else- particularly if it was a candlelit meal- you may need to invest some time in your romantic life. 

Perhaps you haven’t been trying hard enough to find a partner, yet you openly say it’s what you want.

Maybe you haven’t devoted enough time or energy to your partner and it’s about time you did, especially if your relationship is on the rocks. 

If the person sitting across from you was not a romantic partner but a friend, family member or colleague, perhaps they need some of your attention instead. 

To dine out refers to your need to get out more. If you have been housebound lately or haven’t had much opportunity to go to different places and meet new people, maybe you need to be the proactive one and put some plans in place. Don’t wait for the invitations to come to you. 

Consider the phrase ‘wine and dine’ perhaps what you are looking for is to be spoiled by someone in your waking hours. It may be that the person you seek this from doesn’t know this is what you want. Do you need to be more forward and ask them to take you to dinner or do something else? It’s possible they have been oblivious to your hints and need a more direct approach.

The expression ‘dined out on’ suggests that you enjoy telling the same story over and over again. Be cautious as it may be starting to wear thin on some people. Perhaps you need to change the topic of conversation to get people engaged again. 

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