To dream about chocolate flavoured paste suggests you are spreading yourself too thinly in some area of your life. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Consider where you might not be giving your all. At work? Home? Within a social circle? Why are you not able to dedicate as much time to these areas as you’d like? Can you make some changes or is it out of your hands?

To eat chocolate spread to excess in your dream, such as with a spoon rather than smearing it over toast or pastries implies that you aren’t living as healthily as you could be. Are your eating habits a problem? Or is there something else you need to address health wise? Lack of exercise, smoking or drinking perhaps?

To smother a thick layer of chocolate spread over a baked good that had cracks or was broken means you are trying to hide something in your waking hours. Who are you making excuses for? Or what are you trying to cover up? Is it worth it or will the truth come out eventually?

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Chocolate spread may be something you ate often as a child so if you saw your younger self eating chocolate spread- maybe you need to look to your past to help you with something in your present. Consider who or what else was in the dream for additional clues. 

More simply, maybe you miss these times because they lacked responsibility. Perhaps all you are looking for is an escape from the realities of your adult life because you are burdened with the pressures associated with it.

To enjoy eating chocolate spread with others could be your dream telling you to spread the love with those you were with. It’s possible you haven’t seen these people in a long time and you need to make an effort to reconnect, even if it’s just through a phone call or a letter.

Another interpretation when dreaming about fighting over chocolate spread is one of misplaced priorities. Perhaps you are investing too much of yourself in something that will never give you anything in return. This could be a job, a lifestyle or a relationship. It may be time to quit whatever this thing is so there will be some give and take in your life. 

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If you are a born optimist, perhaps the dream is telling you to continue spreading hope to those around you with your positive outlook on life. On the other hand if you are a known pessimist, the dream might be telling you to seek out someone who will be a positive influence on you. It’s possible you need to make an extra effort to shift your mindset if you constantly look to the bad instead of the good. Do you know anyone who is the opposite of you? Someone who feels that good things will happen? If so, perhaps you need to spend some time with them and see if their feelings about life rub off on you. Maybe they used to be just like you but something happened to them to help them get a new perspective. Context might be all you need to turn this around… to read more click HERE

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