If you dream about a mountain you know you have large obstacles to overcome before you reach the point you want to get to.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Do you feel you need to prove something to someone by getting over a difficult time or challenge?

On the other hand- a mountain might symbolise things you need to get over- but you can’t do them all on your own. The dream could be telling you that you need help to reach the finish line and not to go it alone.

Do you know the full extent of the challenge you have agreed to? The dream might be a warning to you that you need to go into something armed with all the knowledge so there are no nasty surprises along the way.

If you are about to tackle the hardest challenge in your life, this could be why you dreamed of a mountain. Perhaps you do know the gravity of the situation and you are well aware of how much time and effort it will take to complete. With that said, you are determined to do it nevertheless.

If you had reached the top of a mountain in your dream, you may have recently overcome a large hurdle in your life and things are getting easier now.

Perhaps you feel sense of accomplishment or pride in what you have recently achieved. This is even more appropriate if there is someone in your waking hours who didn’t believe in you. You may be even more elated because it has proven the doubters wrong.

If there was snow on the mountain top- you may think that you are undertaking something in the worst conditions possible. The time is admittedly not right- but you feel you have to do it anyway. Perhaps the time will never be right, so a ‘sooner rather than later’ approach makes more sense to you.

If you were climbing a mountain at a regular pace- you may be working towards a goal but at your own speed. There is no rush because you know slow and steady is the best way for you.

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