To dream about a spirit like vodka means that you are going to be content for a short period of time but not for the long term.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Something that looks appealing now might have a minor life-span and leave you feeling disappointed, so the dream could be telling you to choose carefully and consider the inevitable consequences. 

If you drank the alcohol sensibly then it might be because you feel happy and satisfied with the choices you have made lately and believe they might lead to success.

If you drank to excess- you may find yourself in a challenging situation that you have to apologise for.

If you were drinking in a bar, this implies that there are happy times ahead for you. If you were drinking alcohol, it's possible that you will indulge in some pleasures or desires that will result in some kind of scandal.

Alternatively, if you were drinking at a celebration then you might be satisfied with the decisions you have made of late and feel positive about your future.

Drinking too much in your dream- could mean you have some negative thoughts about yourself such as worries, regrets, fears and feelings of inadequacy and you worry about people discovering the real you.

Perhaps you want to escape something you have done- is your current method the best way of handling this truth or do you need to face your demons? 

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