To dream about a ship entering a harbour means you are seeking shelter from a stormy relationship or unstable situation.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you need some time to stop and think about the journey onwards because you are not mentally prepared for it now. A harbour is a safe place, so it’s possible you need to find refuge somewhere that you feel comfortable and content to work through these thoughts.  Or spend some time with someone you trust.

On the flipside, maybe you have narrowly avoided some dangerous situation and navigated around the worst possible scenario. You might be feeling a sense of relief that you have manged to dodge this particular bullet. Try not to take it for granted.

The dream can be a metaphor for harbouring feelings too. They might be romantic- feelings of love, lust, passion but on the other hand they could be feelings of hate, resentment and jealousy.

Similarly, the feelings might not be directed towards someone else- perhaps you are feeling guilty or fearful about someone or something and you need to find a means of letting go of them before you can move on.

Consider how you felt in the dream as this might give you greater insight into which category they fall into.

A single ship in a harbour suggests that you are either content with being alone and prefer your own company or that you crave the presence of others; you are feeling lonely right now. Another interpretation is profit. If there were lots of ships in the harbour, perhaps your finances are about to look up. A lack of ships might indicate a period of financial instability.

A boat heading out to sea could mean that you need to explore your unconscious if you have been reluctant to venture into the unknown.

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Perhaps you are overcome with the stressors in your life and are finding it hard to cope. Even more so if you were a sick miner or saw a miner who was trapped or ill- your waking life is too tough for you right now. The dream could be telling you to take some time for yourself to rest and recuperate. Or do you need to make some changes to ensure this doesn’t happen again? Are people taking advantage of you? Do you need to put yourself first for once?... to read more click HERE 

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