If you dream about watching football- it generally suggests that you have great satisfaction in your chosen profession. Due to this passion, you will strive to achieve all your goals in life and progress at a healthy pace through the stages you have set for yourself.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

If you were playing football or were on a football field- it’s possible you are a competative person. Do you have a healthy attitude to this side of your personality?

More negatively, you may not be getting the cooperation of those you need it from the most.

Your life is potentially very demanding, and you might be lacking the support system around you to help you get through. Is it time that you called upon your ‘team mates’ to assist you during this difficult period?

If you were mowing a football field, you may yearn for a fresh start in an area of your life you feel competitive over- your career perhaps.

On the flip-side- perhaps you need to be less competitive and zealous about something if you have taken things to the excess.

Another thought when you are playing football in your dreamscape is that you are channelling your aggression into something that is socially acceptable. Alternatively- do you need to? Perhaps you have been letting your anger out in ways that are not healthy for you or others and you need to find alternative methods to release the tension within.

The dream could be telling you that you need to think quickly on your feet.

It is considered by some as a reflection of how you deal with challenges in your day to day life. Do you need to pick up the pace if you are going to succeed in life and get to where you want to be?

Consider how well you played the game- your performance is directly related to your strengths, weaknesses, how competent you are at work and home and your integrity when it comes to your personal and professional life.

Source: www.dreammoods.com

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