To dream about a butterfly suggests that you are experiencing a new way of thinking or going through a transformation.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

On the other hand, a butterfly might be a hint that you need to settle down and stop flitting from one thing or person to another. Perhaps you lack the focus to do this now and it’s something you need to work on.

Think about the term ‘social butterfly’- it’s possible you are someone who is outgoing and popular with others. Have you taken this to the extreme? Your need to be sociable might be affecting other areas or relationships in your life so be mindful of the dangers.

On the flipside, perhaps you need to be more outgoing and make more of an effort with others as you might be missing out on the things you really want.

If there were two butterflies in your dream, this represents romance and happy relationships which is a positive sign for you and your partner.

More than two butterflies is linked to freedom and growth, so if you see a dead butterfly- this refers to goals that you have not achieved because you have restricted your own potential.

To release a butterfly in your dreamscape represents something you have had to let go of lately that was special or important to you. Either that, or you feel you’ve been forced to make a change you didn’t want to.

Butterflies often appear in the dream of people who have lost someone they loved as they weren’t ready to let go of the person.

Butterflies are delicate creatures so to dream of one is synonymous with the people you feel you need to protect or something you don’t want to scare away. This might be something as simple as someone else’s approval- you are a people pleaser and worry that others don’t like you or the decisions you make.


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