Jo Wood still wants an apology from her ex-husband Ronnie Wood.

Jo Wood

Jo Wood

The 62-year-old former model split from the Rolling Stones guitarist in 2009, a year after he had an affair with Ukrainian cocktail waitress Ekaterina Ivanova, and though they get on well these days, she still wants him to say sorry for his actions.

Asked who owes her an apology, she simply said: "My ex-husband."

Jo admits that the end of her 28-year-old marriage left her unable to listen to the Rolling Stones' music for a long time afterwards.

She told Grazia magazine: "[I never skip] 'Revelry' by Kings of Leon. When I was first single again, I went to V Festival and they were playing.

"For years I'd listened to the Stones and suddenly didn't want to any more. I just fell in love with them and particularly that song."

While Jo might want an apology from Ronnie - with whom she has children Leah, 38 and Tyrone, 33 - they are friends again these days and she recently admitted she adores spending time with his 15-month-old twins, Alice and Gracie, who he has with current spouse Sally.

She said: "I see Ronnie and Sally at various birthday celebrations, of course, and she lets me have a cuddle of her gorgeous twins. I love having all my children and grandchildren round: babies crying, boys rampaging up and down the stairs; noise, laughter, chaos. And then, once they've gone, I tidy up and enjoy the silence. That's the joy of being a grandmother. I feel very lucky."

And the blonde businesswoman - who is now dating builder Paul Scarborough - admitted the split left her devastated at first but she soon saw it as a blessing in disguise.

She explained: "I was devastated at first, but splitting from Ronnie really was the best thing that could have happened to me; I got my freedom back. When I was with him I lived in a bubble where my only job was to keep him alive. Since I've been on my own I've rediscovered who I am, literally climbed mountains, taken part in all-women car rallies and had a blast."

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