Jo Wood loves searching the skies for UFOs.

Jo Wood

Jo Wood

The 65-year-old model and television personality - who was married to Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood for 26 years until 2011 – is convinced aliens exist after a strange encounter she once had while on holiday in South America and another odd experience she had whilst flying on a plane when she spotted something strange out of her window, so if the evening is bright she likes to go out in her garden to see if she can see any life from other planets hovering over the earth.

Speaking in HELLO! magazine, Jo - who has her own UFO-themed podcast 'Alien Nation with Jo Wood - said: “I really believe they exist. Ever since Ronnie and I saw this strange object hovering over the ocean before speeding off at supersonic speed - while we were on holiday in Brazil - I've been obsessed.

"On a clear night, I come out and stare up at the sky to see if I can see another UFO."

Earlier this year, Jo’s brother, Paul Karslake, tragically died from coronavirus complications at the age of 61 and she admitted the hardest thing about losing her sibling was not being able to say a proper goodbye to him.

She said: “"I can't believe he's gone. Before he died, I spoke to him on the phone and said, 'Come on Paul, you're going to be alright.' But he knew how ill he was.

“'No Jo, I'm f*****', he replied. The worst thing was not being able to see him. Even his funeral had to be online."

Jo previously admitted she is convinced there are aliens living among humans on earth.

She said: "I think there are lots of different types of aliens out there - from the classic 'greys' with the big heads and eyes to ones that can morph to look exactly like humans and secretly live among us. I'm sure I know a lot of aliens; there are some pretty weird people out there.

"I think that some aliens might be studying us. Others might just be visiting, like tourists - 'Let's go and have a look at that blue planet over there.' "

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