Jo Wood believes she and her son had contact with extraterrestrials during a flight they were both on.

Jo Wood

Jo Wood

The former model claims she has had two UFO encounters in her life and she can vividly remember when she and Tyrone, now 35, both saw a "bluey green orb" out of the window of the plane were travelling on.

In an interview on UK TV show 'This Morning', she said: "My son Tyrone was about 12 at the time, he was sat in the seat behind me and we were both looking out of the window and this weird orb, this bluey green thing, came straight up to the plane and went along the plane. Ty went, 'Mum, did you see that?' And I went, 'What the hell was that?' It was very strange."

The first close encounter of the third kind she experienced was when she and her ex-husband Ronnie Wood, 71, were on vacation in Recife in Brazil.

Jo was packing up her luggage after enjoying a holiday with The Rolling Stones guitarist and their children - Jamie, now 43, Leah, now 40, and Tyrone - when Ronnie started screaming for her come outside and look at some "weird lights" over the ocean.

Recalling the moment, she said: "I first saw a UFO in Brazil. I was with my ex-husband and I was packing to go back home, we'd been on a family holiday, and he was in the garden in this house by the beach and he said, 'Jo, quick, there's some weird lights out here, come and have a look at this.' And I thought, 'What's he up to? He's mad.' I went outside and over the sea was this shape which had lights that just came down and reflected onto the sea. I stood there and watched it and it just lifted up and it went to the right and it was gone, like nothing I'd ever seen on Earth, there was no noise, nothing. I stood there I thought, 'I've just seen a UFO.' The next day we got onto the plane to go home back and it was on the front of the paper, hundreds of people had seen the same thing."

Jo, 63, is launching a new podcast series this week entitled 'Alien Nation' which will feature her interviewing other alien-obsessed celebrities like herself, with guests including Happy Mondays singer Shaun Ryder, 'Ghostbusters' actor Dan Aykroyd, musician Jean-Michel Jarre and Pixie Lott, among others.

The businesswoman admits she is on a mission to learn as much about what other lifeforms exist in the universe.

She said: "It all started with my dad, actually. He was reading a magazine that said, 'Was god an astronaut?' I was a Catholic girl and I thought it was fascinating, I wondered, 'Why do they have that halo? Could it be a space helmet?' And then it was always with me ... I just want to know more. I'm fascinated about the universe, about space, the fact that we are on this rock in our universe and there's billions of stars out there and for us to think that we are the only ones, it can't possibly be true. I think you have to be open-minded. Even if you don't believe you have to be open-minded enough to think that surely we can't be the only ones out of billions."