Wiz Khalifa insists he has no animosity towards Kanye West.

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa

The two rappers were engaged in a Twitter war of words in January after the 'All Day' rapper mistakenly thought Wiz had dissed his wife Kim Kardashian West, and after subsequently putting their differences aside, the 28-year-old star maintains there is no lingering tension.

Speaking to GQ magazine he said: "I was listening to this song when I saw Kanye fire off that tweet

"Bob Marley spoke up for what he believed in.

"Why would I [regret it]? It's done and over with, so it don't even matter."

Talking about his phone conversation with Kanye, Wiz added: "I keep s**t brief. But for him, it's no animosity, so it ain't even no thing

"I have nothing to apologise for."

And Wiz insists Kanye's taunts "didn't matter" and he wasn't upset by them.

He said: "It don't matter When s**t don't matter, it don't faze you,"

The 'Bound 2' hitmaker initially lashed out at Wiz after he criticised one of his proposed album titles 'Waves', and then wrote: "Hit this kk and become yourself (sic)"

Kanye - who later renamed his record 'The Life of Pablo' - assumed "kk" referred to his wife, but Wiz later insisted he was referring to a strain of marijuana.

In response to the tweets from the 'Black and Yellow' star - who has two-year-old son Sebastian with his estranged wife Amber Rose - Kanye blasted: "First of all, you stole your whole s*** from Cudi ... Second, your first single was corny as f**k and most there after ... 3rd no one I know has ever listened to one of your albums all the way through.

"4th you let a stripper trap you. 5th I know you mad every time you look at your child that this girl got you for 18 years. 6th don't ever come out the side of your neck at me."

The 38-year-old rapper later apologised on twitter for his remarks.

He wrote: "Ima take these down cause it's all about positive energy blessings blessings positive energy blessings (sic).

"I'm happy that I now know that KK means weed... please excuse the confusion ... now back to #WAVES (sic)"