will.i.am has predicted the world will be taken over by powerful robots in two decades.



The Black Eyed Peas star and entrepreneur - who is renowned for creating snazzy yet useful pieces of technology, including Apple's Dial watch - believes that human beings won't be able to compete with artificial intelligence and future gadgets as they will be even too advanced for the next generation to figure out.

In an interview with Event magazine, he said: "In 20 years we will have mobile phones that are smarter than our kids. And that's a crazy situation. I don't fear the future. I don't fear change. I don't fear the rise of artificial intelligence, because it's coming and it's going to change everything, like electricity did. Today we have racism, sexism and a celebrity president - Donald Trump - and that's scary. Tomorrow we can make it a better world."

'The Voice UK' coach is clearly not fearful of what the future holds for humans, as he previously said he'd like to create his own virtual human that he can hold a conversation with in the near future.

Will, 43, explained: "Eventually there are going to be screenless devices - a speaker is a screenless device. I need to talk to it, have a conversation with it, not just blurt out commands and boom she does it. The internet is so huge, it's like the ocean and it's going to take so long to sniff through it to find things that are relevant. So I want to be able to talk to something that is actually an embodiment of the internet in this persona. Where she has access to the internet as her DNA. Where I could speak to her."

And that's not all, will also talked about the possibility of reuniting with band member Fergie - who is not currently working the group - in Virtual Reality (VR) form.

He said: "There are infinite possibilities for the world to create.

"We could create virtual Black Eyed Peas.

"You could go back to when we started the group in 1998 and experience that story, you could go back to when we first got signed in 1997 when we first got signed to Interscope.

"What we were thinking in 2003 when we put Fergie in the group, there's so much you can do."