Vogue Williams wants to have four children with Spencer Matthews.

Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews

Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews

The 35-year-old model already has Theodore, two, and Gigi, nine months, with her husband, and has said she planning on adding two more to her brood, as her “dream” is to have a total of four kids.

When asked if her family is complete, she said: "Our family is amazing as it is but the plan is definitely to have more kids. People think I’m mad when I say that, but the dream would be four.

"There are days we think we can have five, then we don’t have a good night’s sleep and realise five is too much [laughs]."

And although she wants more children, Vogue also admitted it can be hectic at home with the two tots she already has.

Asked if it’s ever a “big juggle” to deal with two young children, she said: "Yeah, and you don’t have much free time. But when you first have a baby you’re nervous. I was so nervous about going to the park on my own and I didn’t know if I’d get out the door on time.

"And when you have your second child, you feel the same. You wonder how you’ll get out the door with two kids, but then you get in the swing of it.

"I’d worry if I had a third child I’d feel that way again, but you just get on with it."

But there’s nothing Vogue doesn’t love about being a mother.

She told Notebook magazine inside the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "I love being a mum. Watching Theodore and Gigi play is just my favourite thing. I want to spend as much time as I can with them. I’ve always wanted to be a mum.

“It’s so full-on. You don’t realise how full-on it is until you become a mum. But I wouldn’t change anything. The lack of sleep was hard at the start but there’s no part of it I could never do again. I think everyone has little hurdles."

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