Vivica A. Fox was "disappointed" to find out Harvey Weinstein had "abused his power".

Vivica A. Fox

Vivica A. Fox

The 55-year-old actress insisted she never saw a dark side to the disgraced producer - who has been accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women and is currently in jail after being found guilty of rape and sexual assault - when they worked on 'Kill Bill' and 'Ella Enchanted' and she just thought he was a "nice" guy.

She said: "He was nice. Matter of fact, he made my part [in 'Ella Enchanted'] bigger. It was disappointing to find out later that he abused his power. The bigger they are, the harder they fall."

The 'Arkansas' actress believes the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement will spell the end for Donald Trump's presidency, particularly when coupled with his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

She told The Guardian newspaper: "It's gonna be his demise. That and the way he's handled this pandemic.

"He had no business getting into politics. It was just a notch on his belt. He didn't know what it meant to hold that position.

"So I've been out there supporting Joe Biden and I will continue to campaign for him. We need some leadership back in the White House because right now there is so much division."

And Vivica - who competed in the 2015 series of 'Celebrity Apprentice' - believes the former businessman only wanted to become president because Barack Obama had been commander-in-chief.

She said: "He was obsessed with becoming president and I believe it was because a black man had done it. And Obama had done it so well that, throughout his presidency, Trump was always on him.

"To this day, he can't keep his name off his tongue. It's an awful obsession. I love the way Obama handles it, such grace under fire."

pposition came in many forms. "We were told people didn't want to see our stories: 'You be the sidekick'. We were told African American women can't lead films. Or that the only stories we could tell were in the past," says Fox. There is still work to be done. "I'd love to see more docuseries showing that the contribution of African Americans doesn't always have to be through entertainment. We need to educate children so they don't think they have to grow up and be athletes or rappers. They can be lawyers and scientists, too."