Vanessa Hudgens has come under fire for saying deaths from coronavirus was "inevitable".

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens

The 'High School Musical' star was forced to backtrack on comments she made online after US President Donald Trump said it may take until July for everything to get back normal.

She said on Monday (16.03.20): "Until July sounds like a bunch of ****. I'm sorry, but like it's a virus, I get it, I respect it. Even if everybody gets it, like yeah, people are going to die which is terrible, but inevitable? I don't know, maybe I shouldn't be doing this right now."

And she has now shared on her Instagram story: "It's a crazy time, it's a crazy, crazy time and I am at home and in lockdown and that's what I hope you guys are doing too. Yeah I don't take this situation lightly, by any means, I am home."

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber is just one of a number of stars who have spoken out amidst the coronavirus pandemic, urging people to self-isolate and practice social distancing as our "grandparents are counting on us".

He shared to Instagram: "Obviously this is a really scary time ... I wanted to remind everyone what we can do when we come together!! LETS COME TOGETHER BY ISOLATING OURSELVES UNTIL WE HAVE MORE ANSWERS! Our grandparents are counting on us (sic)"

Whilst Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have donated $1 million to foodbanks in North America to help support their coronavirus relief efforts.

He wrote in an Instagram post: "Covid-19 has brutally impacted older adults and low income families. Blake and I are donating $1 million to be split between Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. If you can give, these orgs need our help. Take care of your bodies and hearts. Leave room for joy. Call someone who's isolated and might need connection. (sic)"