Cher "stepped up" for Val Kilmer and supported him amidst his health crisis.

Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer

The 'Top Gun' star - who dated the 'Believe' hitmaker in the early 1980s - feels lucky to have support from his ex after he was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2015.

He shared: "One night I suddenly awoke vomiting blood that covered the bed like a scene out of 'The Godfather'. I prayed immediately, then called 911. Then alerted my hostess. Cher stepped in and stepped up. And yet even in my grave condition, I saw her scanning the paramedic, who was Gregory Peck drop-dead handsome. Only in Hollywood, right? Despite the fact that I was covered in blood, I caught her eye and bounced my brows like Groucho Marx. Hubba hubba. Cher was bashful to be busted but then couldn't help laughing out loud at the audacity. Here we were, joking about beauty and desire, while I looked like a stunt man from Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs and, yes, while my life seemed to be in mortal danger. We laughed out loud before they finished with my vitals and shut me up with an oxygen mask."

And Val is "so grateful" to have been "healed of cancer".

He added: "I have been healed of cancer for over four years now, and there has never been any reoccurrence. I am so grateful."

The 60-year-old actor was at risk of losing his voice because of the cancer and that "served to motivate" him to beat the disease as he worried for his career.

Writing in his new memoir, 'I'm Your Huckleberry', he shared: "The fact that my impeded speech could spell the end of my career only served to motivate me."

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