Ulrika Jonsson has hit back at mum-shamers who use the term "4x4".

Ulrika Jonsson

Ulrika Jonsson

The 53-year-old TV star - who has Cameron, 26, Bo, 21, Martha, 16, and Malcolm, 12, with four different partners - rubbished the expression as she leapt to the defence of Stacey Solomon, who has three kids with three different dads.

Ulrika said: "Whoever it was who thought of the label '4x4' for yours truly as a mother of four children by four fathers was a genius.

"I rather wish I’d trademarked it, because if I’d had £1 for every time someone in public circles, in print or in person, threw it at me, I’d be a very wealthy woman indeed.

"It was my first thought when I read that 'Loose Woman' Stacey Solomon, who herself is a mum of three children by three fathers, had been trolled by someone casting disapproval and pity all over her domestic bliss.

"Stacey, being the level-headed, mature gentle-woman she is, immediately fired back. And in the past, I’ve felt I should have done the same."

Ulrika's attitude towards the term has changed over time.

But the TV star now refuses to be shamed for not conforming to expectations.

She wrote in The Sun newspaper: "My simple history was made to look and seem complicated by the fact that my life had worked out differently to normal expectations - to the 'norm'.

"Over a period of 14 years I had managed to mate with four different (very different) men and produce two gorgeous girls and two lovely boys.

"One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt in life is that other people don’t like it when you don’t conform - when you do your own thing.

"It makes them feel insecure because you’re not fitting in, you stand out, you don’t assimilate and it makes these self-appointed adjudicators of your life feel they are not in control."