Tracy Morgan feels his "purpose in life is to spread love."

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan

The 48-year-old comedian almost died three years ago when a Walmart truck smashed into the limousine he was travelling in on the New Jersey Turnpike and has admitted the horror smash, which killed his close friend James 'Jimmy' McNair, has given him a new outlook on life.

Speaking to PEOPLE, he said: "It doesn't cost nothing to be nice. I know my purpose in this world is to spread love. I love you and you can't do nothing about it."

Tracy - who has three sons Gitrid, Malcolm, and Tracy, Jr from his first marriage and two-year-old daughter Maven with wife Megan Woolover - previously admitted he toyed with the idea of suicide on numerous occasions when he was strapped to his hospital bed, unable to walk, for over a year following the crash.

He said: "I thought I was going to die for a long time.

"My thoughts - I was in a very dark place. I was sitting right here, contemplating suicide. I couldn't walk. Emotionally, it's hard for me to deal with.

"I don't think I cheated death. I think this was the plan. My room wasn't ready."

The brave star has made an impressive recovery since the horrific ordeal and recently got to meet the man who saved his life by pulling him out of the wreckage.

He explained: "He was shaking for two years now, and I just held him and told him 'I love you very much, I love you very much, thank you so much.' And we started to talk and he said when he pulled me out, a 23-year-old man, I was covered, and he was covered in my blood from head to toe, and he said I was swinging. I said, 'Why was I doing that?' And he said, 'You were fighting for your life.' I wasn't ready to go man. I got a little girl, I got sons, I got my audience, I got my wife, I wasn't ready to go."

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