Tracy Morgan's life-threatening car crash has given him a new perspective on life.

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan

The '30 Rock' star - who was left with a traumatic brain injury and a broken leg after the accident in New Jersey last year - has a new appreciation of what is "important" and has learned to "embrace" the good things more.

He said: "The things that worried me and that were important before, aren't so important now.

"When you spend weeks in comas then you hear and see things differently. But I see life differently. I embrace it more.

"And to my fans, I'm glad I was able to come back and finish the job of making them laugh. This is for you."

The 47-year-old star is stunned at how far he has come in his recovery.

He said: "I remember this time last year i was in a wheelchair wondering if I was gonna walk again. Now I'm doing a footlocker commercial."

And Tracy is grateful for the support he received from wife Megan Woolover and their two-year-old daughter Maven during his recovery.

He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Megan was my rock. [She] still is. She was right there telling me, 'Don't worry about it.'

"All she kept saying was, 'I love you,' and, 'Don't worry about it, you're gonna be better than ever.'

"[Maven] made me laugh a lot during my therapy. She loved daddy, and she made daddy laugh a lot."

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