Tracy Morgan thought about killing himself after he woke from his coma following his horrific car crash in 2014.

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan

The 47-year-old comedian - who has three sons Gitrid, Malcolm, and Tracy, Jr from his first marriage and two-year-old daughter Maven with wife Megan Woolover - toyed with the idea of suicide on numerous occasions when he was strapped to his hospital bed, unable to walk, for over a year following the near-fatal accident on June 7, 2014.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, he said: "I thought I was going to die for a long time. My thoughts - I was in a very dark place. I was sitting right here, contemplating suicide. I couldn't walk. Emotionally, it's hard for me to deal with."

Tracy miraculously got through the ordeal, which saw a Walmart truck on the New Jersey Turnpike smash into the limousine he was passenger in, but not without a fight.

He spent eight days in a coma before waking up to learn he had gone blind - a condition that lasted six days - was suffering from a traumatic brain injury and had a broken leg.

But he also battled feelings of guilt and regret as his friend-James 'Jimmy' McNair sadly died in the accident, which led to him seeking months of psychiatric help.

And now, 20 months after the crash, the '30 Rock' star is back on the road touring his gigs again.

But he said: "I don't think I cheated death. I think this was the plan. My room wasn't ready."

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