Tom Parker's doctors are "shocked" by how well he has responded to treatment for his brain tumour.

Tom Parker

Tom Parker

The 32-year-old singer revealed in October he had been diagnosed with stage four glioblastoma and his The Wanted bandmate Max George has revealed that Tom is doing well.

Speaking on the 'Dangerous Dinners' podcast, Max said: "Tom's got something called glioblastoma, which is quite an aggressive form of brain tumour, but he's had his first bout of chemo and radiotherapy, which he has responded to unbelievably.

"Doctors were actually shocked by how well he's responded - all of his tumours have been suppressed, so he's in the best hands.

"Nothing puts Tom down, nothing. When you talk to him it's like everything's normal, and he just wants that - he wants normality.

"He's just had his second child, so he's got so much to focus on - he's doing great, he's doing really well."

Max also revealed that he is proud of Tom - who has Aurelia, 16 months, and Bodhi, four months with his wife Kelsey - for how he is dealing with his illness.

He said: "Tom will be fine, it's a horrible thing to happen to anyone and I can't think of anyone who deserves it less than Tom, but he's dealing with it. And I'm really proud of him for how he's dealing with it.

"We're trying to bring more awareness to the science behind it, because there's new treatments happening all the time with this. So to an extent, it is right [that there's no cure] but he's reacting so well to treatment so hopefully something comes along and it can be cured - that's the end goal."

And Max revealed he found out about Tom's illness when Kelsey, 31, called him to tell him while he was shooting a movie.

He said: "It took me weeks to process but I just wanted to see him. Luckily, I only had two days left so within three days of finding out I was with him.

"You just want to be there, I could not believe what I was being told but as soon as I saw him it's like it changes; you're here to help him and be there for him and keep his spirits up so he can get better."