J.B. Gill is "ready for a rest" by Christmas Eve.

JB Gill and his family

JB Gill and his family

The former JLS singer and his wife Chloe - who have children Ace and Chiara together - are always very hectic in the lead up to the festive season because they produce KellyBronze turkeys and free-range Tamworth pork on their farm so they have to get their own preparations done early and just want a break by the time December 25 comes around.

Chloe said: "I make sure I've got all the presents wrapped before November.

"We have to be very organised and get ahead of the game."

J.B. added: "Christmas is a very busy time, sorting out orders and setting up for collection day.

"It's full-on, so by the time Christmas Eve comes, we're ready for a rest."

The 'Down on the Farm' presenter loves living in the countryside and thinks it is a "valuable" upbringing for his kids.

He said in an interview conducted before the festive season: "We live hectic lives and we just wanted to have peace and quiet and relax whenever we have a day off.

"Being in the countryside has been incredibly valuable for all of us and it's a lifestyle we really appreciate.

"It's something we feel all children should be able to experience."

But running a successful farming business hasn't always been easy.

J.B. said: "We do all the work ourselves and it has been a learning curve.

"Sometimes my TV work takes me away overnight, so Chloe has to take over the farm as well as looking after the kids."

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