Taylor Swift sent flowers to the dancers she used in her 'Look What You Made Me Do' music video for "keeping her secret" ahead of its debut at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

The 27-year-old singer dropped the accompanying clip to her new single at the glamorous music event, held at the Forum in Inglewood, California, over the weekend.

And, although she's no doubt basking in its success, she still found time to thank everyone involved for keeping the details of her highly-anticipated return to music under wraps.

One of her dancers took to their Snapchat account, which was later picked up and shared via a Taylor Swift fan site on Twitter, to show her followers the beautiful white bouquet she'd been sent and the sweet note that came with it.

The printed note read: "Thanks for keeping our secret.

"I'm so proud of it and I hope you will be too.

"Sending my love and gratitude. Taylor (sic)."

The music video, which has already scored over 68 million views on YouTube, was shot in May and backing dancer Todrick Hall has admitted it was hard to keep it hush hush.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly's sister company INSTANT, he said: "It was the hardest secret ever to keep, but I know how I am as an artist and when I'm creating stuff, even if it's just on my YouTube channel, I don't want anyone to tell anything, I don't want anybody to post a Snapchat or a picture.

"I think it speaks volumes of what type of a person Taylor is as a human being, as an artist, that she was able to get all of these people on a set, shoot an epic - what I don't even want to call a music video because it's more of a movie at this point - and get them to not say anything. People just really were excited and I was more excited to see the reaction of people online than to tell people. So I didn't even tell people that were very, very close to me; my own family didn't know."

And it's hardly surprising Taylor wanted to keep the details of her movie montage under wraps as she used the video to hit out at those she feels have wronged her, including ex-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston, reality TV star Kim Kardashian West and her rival Katy Perry.

One clip shows a number of male dancers wearing crop tops with 'I [heart] TS' emblazoned on them - a clear reference to the vest top with the same slogan which Tom was photographed in during their brief fling.

She also appeared to take aim at Kim's terrifying ordeal last year, in which a number of armed robbers burst into the star's Paris hotel room, tied her up and put her in the bathtub while they absconded with millions worth of jewels.

Taylor also made a dig at her long-term rival Katy - who she fell out with over backing dancers a few years ago - as she donned a short blonde wig, similar to the singer's current hairstyle, and crashed her car as photographers looked on.