Stormzy thinks of Wiley as his "drunk uncle".

Stormzy and Scott Mills

Stormzy and Scott Mills

The 'Vossi Bop' hitmaker and the 40-year-old rapper - who is known as The Godfather of Grime - recently came to blows on Twitter after Wiley rubbished Stormzy's claim that he prevented Jay Z rapping on a song with Ed Sheeran.

And now, Stormzy has said it's unlikely he'll be "meeting up" with Wiley "anytime soon", but doesn't have any animosity toward the fellow grime star, as he thinks of him as a distant family member.

He said: "I don't think we'll be meeting up anytime soon. I think he just gets a bit woop and then he hits the old social media. Obviously, when you get wooped you're not meant to tweet.

"It's like a drunk uncle, it's like 'aw uncle, come on man, [...] get back to bed'."

Wiley has hit out at Ed Sheeran - whom Stormzy is good friends with - in the past, and during his most recent feud with Stormzy, he called the rapper a "pagan" for teaming up with the 'Shape of You' hitmaker on their recent track 'Own It'.

And Stormzy says the situation is made "worse" by the fact that Ed is "the kindest, nicest soul ever".

He added in an interview with Scott Mills for BBC Radio 1: "This is why it's even worse, because Ed's the kindest, nicest soul ever. He's just trying to travel the world and he's probably getting notifications. [...] But I said 'don't worry I'll do all the trolling'. I don't mind trolling Wiley, he loves it."

Wiley started his recent feud with Stormzy on New Year's Day (01.01.20), when he took to Twitter to hit out at the star.

He wrote: "I'm old but you was tryna work with jay z who Ed brought in the room Cos if it wasn't for Ed that session would not of happened lol your not with us your with them #Pagan I am 10 years younger than jay z and I will merc you everyday of the week #YourEasy #TooEasy (sic)."

Stormzy responded by calling Wiley "rude", "weird", and a "dinosaur" and claimed that his tweets are nothing like the friendly direct messages the 'Wearing My Rolex' hitmaker has been sending him.

He responded: "Ok I actually think you do crack coz you dm'd me yesterday saying "bro omg let's build houses in Ghana for our mums" and now you're here moving mad (sic)"

Wiley then suggested the pair should record a song together to resolve their differences.

He replied: "Bro we can link up and talk I will never shy away from a reasoning (sic)"

However, Stormzy rejected his offer and said he's not relevant anymore.

He quipped: "Shut up man no one wants to link you you dinosaur lol (sic)"

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