Storm Keating says she's capping her family at five kids.

Ronan and Storm Keating

Ronan and Storm Keating

The 39-year-old fashion designer loves having a big blended family with her two children and her husband Ronan Keating's three children from his previous marriage, but the couple are not planning on welcoming any more children into the mix as they already run a very "busy household".

Storm - who has son Cooper, four, and 15-month-old daughter Coco with Ronan - told OK! magazine: "We feel so grateful. Obviously it can go either way, but we've been really blessed. We're so proud and we just them all so much. To see them all getting on like a house on fire is like a dream come true.

"We've got so much going on. We have a very full family and busy household. We're definitely capping it at five kids!"

Storm praised the Boyzone singer - who also has Jack, 22, Missy, 20, and 15-year-old Ali with his ex-wife Yvonne Connolly - for being a hands-on dad and for stepping up after she suffered a prolapsed disc in March.

She said: "Ronan is possibly one of the most hands-on dads I've ever known in my life. He does everything. Especially at the minute - I had a serious back injury and condition. He's taken on everything from the cooking and the cleaning, the nap times, bed and bath times - he's unbelievable."

What's more, Storm believes that her and Ronan are "meant to be" as they have been able to get through their toughest times throughout their 10-year marriage.

Asked what her secret to a happy marriage is, she replied: "We are just meant to be. It's two hearts that are completely in love. We adore each other. We've been through trials and tribulations. But 10 years of being together and I think we could get through everything."

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