Sting is going to buy Shaggy a toilet for his birthday.

Sting and Shaggy

Sting and Shaggy

The unlikely friends and collaborators are throwing a joint birthday party in October and though the former Police frontman doesn't want any gifts, the 'Oh Carolina' hitmaker wants an extra special loo.

Asked what gifts they'll get one another, Sting said: "I don't need anything and Shaggy doesn't need much."

But his pal said: "You know what I want, I want one of those hands-free toilets that you have in your house. It just opens up and washes your ass and it has a warm seat. I think I'll get one of those."

Sting replied: "OK... Happy Birthday."

The two stars only initially planned to work on one track together but they got on so well, they recorded an entire album, '44/876', and are now "inseparable".

Shaggy said: "We'd known each other in the business but never really hung out y'know. And now we're inseparable."

One thing they bonded over was their "ridiculous" names, though they're not sure about their collective moniker.

Sting - whose real name is Gordon Sumner - said: "We both have ridiculous names, which is helpful.

"The collective name for us now is 'Shagging', which isn't inappropriate."

Shaggy - whose real name is Orville Burrell - and Sting think their album has been a success because their unlikeliness as a duo has got listeners intrigued.

Sting told Q magazine: "Because it's so dark at the moment, people need a smile.

"I think the unlikeliness of this combination intrigues people."

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