Steven Seagal has apprehended "hundreds" of people working as a policeman.

Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal

The 63-year-old actor has spoken about the "high-risk warrants" he has had to undertake as a Reserve Deputy Chief Sheriff for the Jefferson Parish in Louisiana but insists he gets a lot of satisfaction from bringing the most dangerous criminals.

Seagal said: "The thing I like best is forming a team where we go after high-risk warrants, for people who are armed and dangerous. Murderers, bank robbers, rapists, kidnappers. Those are the guys I like to get.

"(I've apprehended) hundreds of them. Many, many hundreds. I don't know how many hundreds."

The 'Under Siege' star is one of Hollywood's most revered action men, however, he still does get frightened on occasions doing his police work but insists the fear keeps him "lucid".

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, Steven said: "When you kick in a door and there's a bunch of guys on your team and they've got guns and it says on the warrant 'armed and dangerous' or 'history of violence', you'd have to be really stupid not to have some fear. Fear keeps you lucid. I don't try to pretend I'm a superhuman person. I'm a human being."

Seagal went on to reveal the main reason he decided to become a cop 20 years ago, when he graduated from police academy, was to help the "weak and defenceless".

He said: "I didn't want to become a police officer to be egotistical or push people around. I wanted to use that role to be a humble human being and to help people who were weak and defenceless, who had been robbed or raped or potentially killed."

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