Steven Adler has reportedly been hospitalised after stabbing himself at his home.

Steven Adler

Steven Adler

The former Guns N' Roses drummer was allegedly taken to hospital after police and paramedics were sent to the Los Angeles property on Thursday (27.06.19) evening after a call from his home.

As reported by TMZ, when the emergency services arrived they discovered Adler, 54, had "suffered a stab wound to his stomach".

It's said he was taken to a nearby hospital with "non-life threatening injuries", while no one else is thought to have been involved in the incident.

Just four nights ago, Adler played in Biloxi, Mississippi, and last Thursday he performed with Adler's Appetite at Warehouse Live in Houston, Texas, while his next scheduled show is on July 12 at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas.

The musician is best known for his time with 'Welcome To The Jungle' rockers GNR, playing on full albums 'Appetite For Destruction' and 'G N' R Lies', and the song 'Civil War' on 'Use Your Illusion II'

Although he was part of the original lineup alongside Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan and Izzy Stradlin, he was sacked in 1990, with his drug use blamed by the other band members.

In 2011, Adler admitted he had tried to take his own life twice.

He said: "I was very miserable. Everything I'd worked my whole life for had been taken away from me. And it was the people I'd worked with that had turned on me. I didn't know what to do.

"From having hundreds of friends, to getting kicked out of the band by my best friend-and a guy who I was doing the drugs with! - it left me with no-one to turn to.

"I was very sad and lonely. My wife left me, and I didn't blame her. It's hard to watch someone you love trying to kill themselves. That's what I was doing."

Although he later joined up with his bandmates for a couple of shows on the 'Not In This Lifetime' tour in 2016, he wasn't invited to the 'Appetite For Destruction' reunion in 2018.

He added at the time: "My goal was to finish what I started, and Izzy's too. Iz is just as heartbroken as I am that the three of them decided to leave us out and bring three strangers in -- who are those people? It's just not cool.

"I love those songs, I love those records. I practice them here at home every day because I love them and I'm so proud of them and I'm proud of what the five of us did -- we accomplished our dream exactly the way we wanted to.

"It didn't end the way we wanted, or I wanted, but we did it our way. Like Frank Sinatra said, 'I did it my way.' "