Steve Carell "didn't really think twice" about making a return to TV acting.

Steve Carell

Steve Carell

The 56-year-old star - who previously appeared in the American version of 'The Office' - has become one of Hollywood's most bankable comedic performers over recent years, but Steve still jumped at the opportunity to work with Jennifer Aniston on a new TV show.

He teased: "It's very well written, and there's some co-stars and great directors. I didn't really think twice about it.

"I don't want to give too much away about the content itself, but I thought it was smart and interesting, and equal parts dramatic and funny. It doesn't fall into a category.

"You can't call it a drama or a comedy. It straddles that, which is interesting. And the actors that are in it are great. I've shot three episodes so far, and it's been really wonderful."

Jennifer, 49, and Reese Witherspoon are both serving as producers on the show.

And although Steve admitted there's no guarantee it will be a success, he's confident in the people he's working with, saying Jennifer and Reese have "good pedigree".

He told Collider: "When somebody suggested it and I was offered the part, I knew that Reese and Jennifer were producers and in it, and all of the producers involved are very high caliber. They've got a good pedigree, as they say.

"You never know, but with all of that, you hope it turns out well. So far, it feels really good."

Steve also explained the show didn't take "an easy approach to some of the themes" it explores.

He said: "You never know how stuff is gonna turn out, but it's all good intentions.

"The scripts were very smart and didn't take an easy approach to some of the themes that they were looking into, which is something."