Steve Bing reportedly had just $300,000 of his vast fortune left when he died earlier this year.

Steve Bing

Steve Bing

The founder of Shangri-La Entertainment took his own life in June at the age of 55, and it has now been revealed that despite inheriting $600 million from his real-estate developer grandfather when he was 18, he died with just $300,000 to his name.

According to Town & Country magazine, the film producer battled with substance abuse issues throughout the years, but had been sober for several months before taking his own life, and had been speaking to a therapist twice a day.

The publication also claims he had reconnected with his son Damian, 18, whom he had with his former partner Elizabeth Hurley.

An unnamed ex-partner told the magazine: “There were two of him. He could be charming, generous, kind, the life of the party, but at the end of the day he went home alone. He was a very lonely guy.”

Last month, a judge ruled that Steve’s estate would be administered by Kira Kerkorian, his daughter with tennis pro Lisa Bonder.

And at the time, it was said Steve’s money would be bequeathed to the Clinton Foundation, but the estate has several debts to settle first.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Hurley recently said she is "very grateful" she got the chance to repair her relationship with Steve before he passed away.

Steve had initially denied he was the father of Damian, but reconnected with the teenager and his mother just 18 months before he died.

Speaking earlier this month, Elizabeth recalled: "We hadn't been friends for a very long time. But about a year and a half ago he came back into our lives. It's very sad. I mean, it's just terrible. Horrific that it happened, but there is some comfort to know that we had made up and there was no bad feeling."

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